Anything can happen at a place of business, whether it’s a construction worksite or a simple office environment. It’s important for business owners to protect themselves, their employees, their company, and their assets with a General Liability Insurance policy.

General Liability is important for the financial stability of a company because it can help in the pay out of a law suit, legal case, or other situation where the client’s business is help responsible. A huge lawsuit for a company without General Liability Insurance can spell financial disaster and sometimes bankruptcy for the business.

There are many types of coverages on a General Liability insurance policy and our licensed commercial agents are always more than happy to discuss all the options with their clients. Some of these coverages include: Property Damage to others, Product Liability coverage, Contractual Liability, and Products-Completed Operations.

At H & H Insurance Professionals, our licensed commercial insurance agents take the time to learn about a client’s business and day-to-operations in order to assess their needs. The agent can then recommend the coverages needed for the General Liability insurance policy.

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