For a business that offers a service, advice, or any type of professional opinion, E & O Insurance is the most important insurance policy they’ll carry. Sometimes called Professional Liability Insurance, or Errors & Omissions Insurance, E & O Insurance protects your business from any errors or incidental omissions you or your employees may make during operations.

Examples of errors that more than likely would be covered by E & O Insurance include: failure to perform exact specifications of work mentioned in a signed contract, mixing up files, or any another honest mistake made by an employee that affects the client adversely. When an error occurs and litigation is pursued by the client of your business, E & O Insurance steps in to cover the financial parameters of the law suit. More than likely, a settlement is agreed upon and the insurance will also cover some or most of the lawyer fees and court expenses.

There are several different options when it comes to E & O Insurance so the commercial insurance agents at H & H Insurance Professionals always take the time to learn more about a business and its insurance needs before suggesting a range of coverages. For larger businesses that offer a range of options to their clients, there may be additional E & O coverage additions to the policy for the business to be safe and protected.

Even the most procedure-focused and careful businesses with meticulous employees can experience an error from time to time. All it takes is one small error that turns into one big court case for a business to go bankrupt. E & O Insurance is an integral part of keeping your company financially stable and protected.

At H & H Insurance Professionals, we only offer E & O Insurance through insurance carriers that we trust and know will be honest and fair in all their dealings. If you’re interested in learning more about E & O Insurance or obtaining a FREE quote, give our office a call today at 407-859-0074 or CLICK HERE!