Almost every state in country requires business owners who have employees to purchase Worker’s Compensation Insurance. If you’re thinking of starting a business, would like a policy review, or simply want to see how your current Worker’s Compensation insurance compares to what we have to offer, one of our commercial agents would be happy to help.

At H & H Insurance Professionals, we know the importance of a quality Worker’s Compensation insurance policy for the financial protection of a business. There are so many injuries that can occur on the job and in order to keep your business and employees safe and protected, it’s important to have a comprehensive and valid worker’s compensation policy in place at all times.

Worker’s compensation insurance only applies to injuries that workers suffer on the job. The insurance policy can cover payments to injured workers and death benefits to family members and spouses. Worker’s Compensation insurance kicks in when a worker is injured while under the supervision of the business owner, while driving a company car, or if he or she suffers from a work-related illness.

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