Get Your Kid Chefs Involved This Thanksgiving!

A house full of screaming and rambunctious kids can make it hard for you to focus on the intense culinary challenges Thanksgiving can sometimes present. Why not get the munchkins involved in your cooking endeavors with some easy, fun, and kid-friendly dishes? Here are three awesome recipes that will keep your youngsters engaged and are great to serve at the Thanksgiving table.

Turkey Muffins

What kid doesn’t love food in the shape of an animal? Using slivers of carrots, red and green apples, these cute little turkey muffins are not only easy to make, they’re also a healthy addition to the Thanksgiving table. Get the instructions on how to create this cute little birds here.


Crunchy Chickpea Snacks

Sometimes the hardest part of Thanksgiving for kids is waiting patiently until the meal is ready. Children usually aren’t impressed by fancy appetizers like baked brie or prosciutto wrapped asparagus. But simple and great tasting appetizers will appeal to the younger taste buds. These crunchy chickpea snacks are easy to make so little hands that are eager to assist are always welcome. You can also play with the flavorings to suit the favorite flavors of your tiny crowd. Bonus: These are a healthy treat…but the kids don’t have to know that. Get the entire recipe for Crunch Chickpea Snacks here.


Yummy Apple Stuffing Muffins

Do you have trouble getting your kids to try new things at the Thanksgiving table? This will be a savory and sweet dish that all kids will love. The best part is – they can help you make it! These awesome muffins include spices and onion, but also contain apples and maple syrup, making them a combination of all your children’s favorites. Your kids will love mixing all the ingredients together and even better – they’ll love eating these muffins with NO added sugar! See how to make these great Yummy Apple Stuffing Muffins here.

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