May Your Holiday Season be Merry…and Safe!


So many special, fun, and beautiful things happen in your home when the holidays are here! Delightful guests, thoughtful gifts, savory meals, and yummy treats are shared by friends and family, making your home louder, warmer, and brighter than it usually is. This time of year can also leave a flustered and busy homeowner at risk for making rash and quick decisions that can put the home and family members at risk. Our friends at Florida Family Insurance see holiday-related homeowner’s insurance claims all too often that could have easily been avoided. They’ve put together some tips for us to share so we can be sure you enjoy a safe and successful gathering.

Cooking Safety Tips

Providing a decadent and delicious meal for your house guests is probably high on your priority list. As tempting as your guests in the living room may be, it’s important to never leave the food you’re cooking unattended. Sometimes, using the buddy system so someone else can also pay attention to cooking food is a wise choice to prevent a kitchen fire. Sharp knives are also important, especially if you have younger guests assisting with your cooking. These sharp knives make it easier to cut through food and prevent a scary kitchen disaster.

Decorating Safety Tips

Decorating your home can really get you and your guests in a festive holiday mood. However, to keep your home and guests safe, it’s important to only use decorations that are rated to be fire resistant and are truly meant to be decorations. Be sure to keep candles or open flames away from any decorations, even if they are flame resistant. When purchasing lights for the tree or outdoors, double check the box to be sure you’re buying the correct type for their usage. If you have pets, keep in mind that common holiday plants like mistletoe and poinsettias can be harmful for pet ingestion.

Home Safety Tips

Not every person gets filled with the goodness of holiday cheer around this time of year. To protect your home and family from those trying to take advantage, keep gifts away from windows and try to plan package delivery for when someone will be home. When holiday shopping, store your purchases in your trunk until you get home and try not to carry any valuables with you. If you’re planning on going out of town this season, try to have a neighbor come by to check on the house and collect your mail. Keep your lights on a timer and don’t advertise on social media that you’ll be away from home for an extended period of time.

We hope these tips make this holiday season the most successful and fun of all for you and your guests. From your friends here at H & H Insurance Professionals, we’d like to wish you a happy and safe holiday!

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