As a motorcycle owner and enthusiast, you want to protect your investment. The open road comes with many challenges and threats, especially as a biker, so the coverages you purchase on your motorcycle insurance policy are important.

At H & H Insurance Professionals, our insurance experts analyze every motorcycle owner’s needs and concerns and create quotes that will keep our clients financially secure and protected. Our licensed agents then explain the specific differences between the quotes to create a custom policy with coverages that satisfy the client’s individual insurance needs.

We only write our motorcycle insurance policies through the most reputable and in-demand companies. A few of the common coverages offered on the policies include: under/uninsured motorist, medical coverage, bodily injury, comprehensive and collision coverage, trip interruption coverage, installed accessory coverage, and roadside assistance. Our insurance experts are more than happy to answer any questions our clients have about specific coverages and how they apply to common situations encountered on the road.

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