Many first time RV owners are a little puzzled when it comes to the insurance for their motor home. Is it a homeowner’s policy? An auto policy? Both? It can be complicated. However, at H & H Insurance Professionals, we specifically offer RV insurance for our clients who own mobile homes.

Every motor home owner uses their RV in a different way. Some owners live in it full time, while some only part time; some owners only use the RV to travel from place to place, and some use it to camp. With so many ways to use an RV, the RV insurance experts at H & H Insurance Professionals have developed a short series of questions for potential RV insurance clients so they can get a better understanding of how the motor home is used. Once the licensed agent has a grasp on this, he or she can develop a comprehensive RV insurance quote that will make the client feel comfortable out on the open road and while relaxing in the mobile home.

Our RV insurance carriers offer prime coverage with competitive rates. Some of the coverages that can be found on our RV insurance policies include: theft, vandalism, under/uninsured motorists, towing and labor, collision, and property damage.

If you want to keep your RV and family safe while traveling, we’d love to give you a custom and FREE quote. Give H & H Insurance Professionals a call today at 407-859-0074 or CLICK HERE!