Umbrella insurance can truly be thought of as an umbrella. It blankets over your auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance policies to give them even more liability coverage if needed. If you’re involved in a big accident and your liability limits are maxed out on either your auto or homeowner’s policy, an umbrella insurance policy would step in to take care of what’s left over. With exhausted limits and no umbrella insurance policy, a lawsuit could possibly ensue and your home, car, wages, and other assets would then be at risk for seizure.

Many people assume that since an umbrella insurance policy can protect you from such large claims, it must be expensive. Surprisingly, umbrella policies are extremely affordable and can easily be tacked on to your high-liability limits auto insurance policy or homeowner’s insurance policy. H & H Insurance Professionals suggests at least looking into an umbrella policy to accompany your current policies and protect your assets.

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