Helpful and Dedicated Service!

I want to thank Anthony Hernandez for excellent customer service and outstanding professionalism as I embarked in getting my air conditioner fixed. Anthony's persistence with the company afforded me the service I paid for and he also knew what was needed at the right times. Anthony gives you first class service which is something you need when dealing with a crisis.

Thank you Anthony for a job well done!

Anne Lynaugh
Homeowner's Insurance Client

Helpful for new business owners!

I'm a new business owner and first time insurance buyer with H & H Insurance Professionals. I dealt directly with the business owner, Anthony Hernandez, the entire time. After initially contacting Anthony and getting my information over to him, it it took just several hours before Anthony called me back with several package options.

The customer service was fantastic and the communication back and forth with H & H Insurance Professionals was phenomenal. I highly recommend Anthony Hernandez with H & H Insurance Professionals to others. They not only have the name “Professionals” in the company title, but they really are true professionals!


Lewis May
Business and Personal Insurance Client

Great service for all lines of insurance!

Anthony with H&H Insurance Professionals takes care of our homeowners insurance. We were shopping around for the best deal and H&H Insurance was the company that was the fastest to respond and gave the best service over all. Ever since, we have been very well taken care of! If you want great service and good people, H&H insurance is the place to go!

We also had great insurance for our small business but had some bad experiences with our insurance agent who wasn't able to take care of something as simple as a change of business address.

I went to H&H Insurance and we were able to keep the same insurance we have, but now with an agent that actually cares about our business. Excellent service! Thank you, Anthony!

Antje & James Pepper
Firewall Computer Services

Commercial Insurance Service is Outstanding!

I have been assisting roofing companies purchase General Liability policies for over seven years. During the renewal processes, I have had agents do some strange things in attempt to earn my business, mostly to my own detriment if I had purchased the policy.

It brings me enormous peace of mind understanding and knowing the policies that Anthony from H & H Insurance Professionals are the right ones and that they will protect us if we ever need them. Anthony took the time to explain all the different exclusions that exist and made sure the carrier we chose did not have exclusions that could jeopardize our financial protection. He also provides us with exceptional service each and every time we require an insurance certificate, which is very often. I recommend H & H Insurance Professionals almost weekly, and I will continue to do so.

Lewis May
Sky Light Roofing

Recognizing each client has different needs

I have referred a lot of clients to and have my personal homeowners Insurance with H & H Insurance. They offer competitive products and top notch service to each and every client- recognizing each client has different needs. I would definitely recommend you go to H & H Insurance the next time you need insurance.

Emily Lemieux
Homeowner’s Insurance Client & Realtor

Top notch in the industry

H & H Insurance Professionals is top notch in the industry and always, always provide excellent customer service. As a real estate broker, I feel confident when I refer my A+ clients to H & H for homeowners insurance. H & H is professional, timely and current. Rest assured, you are in great hands when working with H & H Insurance Professionals!

Gail Higley
Homeowner’s Insurance Client & Realtor

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